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What we do

Social aid for subsidiary farming for poor family with many children. Issuance of permits for a summer vacation and recreation of children from large families.

Public works are organized for people registered in the employment agencies in order to find suitable employment, and unemployed people.

Help is expressed in providing second-hand clothing, furniture, household appliances and food, building materials, detergents, stationery and other material assets.

Advisory department is designed to strengthen the social and psychological health of citizens, helping citizens to overcome personal and family problems, to promote their full social and psychological adaptation.

Our psychological and educational assistance helps to harmonize interfamilyand parent-child relationships, assists in the prevention and overcoming violations of social and psychological adaptation of minors.

Rehabilitation and crisis department for women and children is implementing a comprehensive social rehabilitation of women and children experiencing violence or finding  themselves in a crisis situation.

Our team

Director of the institution

Chief Financial Officer

Head of the Department of social support

Head of the Department of social and psychological assistance to the population

Who we are

Sometimes we do not think about how close a trouble is walking, today you can be successful, and tomorrow - to be in a situation from which you can not see the exit. The Centre provides assistance to those who are in difficult circumstances, have lost faith in themselves, experiencing difficulties in the family, in relationships with other people, or faced with other problems and want to change their lives for the better.

The Center has 7 departments:

- Department of reception of citizens

- Department of prevention of child neglect

- Separation of psychological and educational assistance

- Advisory department

- Department of Rehabilitation and crisis assistance

- Separation of emergency psychological assistance by telephone (service "Helpline")

- Organizational and methodical department

Our principles


Every person – regardless of race, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientationor economic status, health, intelligence, achievement or any other differentiating characteristic – is worthy of respect.


The centerpiece of society is the family; family stability must always be protected and never undermined. By association with others – in families and in other social institutions that foster growth.


 Solidarity calls us to respond not simply to personal, individual misfortunes; there are societal issues that cry out for more just social structures. For this reason organization calls us today not only to engage in charitable works but also to work towards social justice.